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The log is generated by FS Open, not Knossos.

I think he's talking about the instructions since they're only mentioning wxLauncher and 5.5g.

@kylekatarn77: On Knossos' Home tab, click the dropdown arrow for ST:R and select "Run Fast Debug". If the game opens a warning message, click Continue until you end up at the point where you encountered the problem. Quit FSO, open the dropdown menu from earlier and click "Upload Debug Log". Finally, paste the link Knossos gives you here.

The report probably failed because you weren't logged into Nebula. I need to add a better error message for that case...

I'm experiencing the exact same problem in Forced Hand. Subsystem targeting works for any ship in the mission, combat spacecraft included, except the Repulse. I haven't used any cheats.

I'm playing ST:R on 20200906.

I still can't reproduce that engine bug.  Unfortunately, if I can't reproduce it, I can't fix it.

Can you upload your log?

I posted the log on Discord, I think.

Subsystem targeting was possible during my fourth playthrough of the mission. I failed the mission and restarted it soon afterwards - again, no trace of the bug.


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