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FreeSpace Port 3.7 + FSPort Media VPs Release!

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FSPort MediaVPs have been updated on FSO Installer and Knossos.

Changes in 4.6.1:
[*] Update the Faustus model reference in GTSC Faustus#bigblast
[*] Update a few ship animations to be consistent with the new animation format used in MediaVPs 4.6
[*] Fix a bug in the HUD gauge modular table
Changes in 4.6.2:
[*] Update the Loki model reference in GTF Loki#stealth
[*] Add MjnMixael's new GTF Angel model (released under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license)

Another new version of the FSPort MediaVPs, 4.6.3, is up.  This one has new HoL reskins for the 4.6 version of the Aten, as well as new medical reskins for the 4.6 versions of the Faustus, Elysium, Chronos, and TAC 1.

Also, since the 4.6 Chronos and TAC 1 are incompatible with the tacskins optional package, I've added GTFr Chronos#reskinnable and TAC 1#reskinnable which use the slightly older models for which the maps were designed.

Version 4.6.4 is up.  This features Galemp's upgraded PVI Karnak, as well as a fix for a Prometheus APNG animation.

I noticed there was an update to this (to version 4.6.7), what was in it?

Various compatibility patches regarding the latest MediaVPs, like some legacy textures.


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