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I found this on Went'z channel

I then went to the fsport media VPs and I found an Ancients 4 cutscene to hopefully get a better resolution copy, but it was only 55 seconds long instead of like 3 minutes.  Any idea what happened there?  I seek the 3 minute version if possible.

The section of the cutscene after the 55 second mark is not an official cutscene.  It is a fan-made cutscene by IceyJones.  Here is the release thread and here is the WIP thread, although his contributions don't start until midway through page 3.

The original download link is broken, but you can find it mirrored here on the FSMods archive.

Much appreciated, I now have .avi and .ogg files in hand.  It now appears Wentz' upload is in fact a concatenation of the video in the mediavps and this.  I have an additional ask, do you know if his version of the audio went anywhere?  This is definitely the video but is definitely not the same audio.

I think that was custom-created for the merged version.  He is still in contact with the voice actress, and he composes music, so I believe all of that audio is new.

I contacted IceyJones a while back, asking if he still had the files. Said they were on an old PC in the cellar...       who knows, maybe we will get a re-render eventually?


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