Author Topic: What happened since Exposition was released?  (Read 4354 times)

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What happened since Exposition was released?
I see that  apart from the HLP release of Exposition, you did not advertise the campaign anywhere else, to the point of not even updating the mod's official site and your ModDB page makes no mention of Exposition either.

None of the members but Woolie Wool commented in Exposition's release thread.

What's happening? Has the staff disappeared?
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Re: What happened since Exposition was released?
Yeah, seriously. These devs need to get on the bounce. Ridiculous.

No seriously, though. We're still here and we're focusing on shaping the overall story archs. There wasn't much to be put up there when the old team was here, so imagine how it must be when all of the information that's stored in their head is gone to us as the new team, leaving only what was unfit for posting on the board for us. When the survivors from the old team pop in, it helps tremendously. I'd say don't worry, but as you pointed out, there's virtually nothing publically written about THE GAME. I'll just say is that it's a lot tougher inheriting a project of this magnitude than you'd think, especially with such an informal hand-off of resources. The father along we get with this project, the less we know about what the original team was going for. I seem to recall someone telling me that the most documentation they have for mission plans is a few sentences. Even when the outline for a mission is a full page, it's still just an outline and just a page. Ordinarily that would be fine. Ordinarily.

We inherited Exposition as it was about 9/10ths put together. Obviously, most of you can see the disconnect between the work of the two teams. But that disconnect won't be there for the rest of the project.
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Re: What happened since Exposition was released?
I do understand that the Exposition campaign was essentially created several years ago by the original team, but I still think it would be a good idea for you guys to at least read through the comments in the release thread, and maybe even reply to some of them.  I mean no offense to the team personally, but what you guys released to the public as the first taste of the whole 158th concept wasn't exactly much of a blazing success from a public-relations standpoint.  Whole chunks of the campaign were just about broken from a technical and balance standpoint, and even those that weren't had some big issues with story integration and character usage.  Taking a moment to address some of the major concerns would go a long way toward reassuring those of us who found Exposition to be rather disappointing that the current team has a good handle on things, and it might even give you one or two particular pitfalls to watch out for.