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Col. Fishguts:
For our non-Windows users who don't want to copy TBP over from a Windows installation:

* Download this non-exe version of TBP 3.4 Final and extract it to the location of your choice

* Note: if you get a page full of gibberish when clicking the download link at FreeSpaceMods, it means that your browser is opening the .7z file. That is weird and shouldn't happen but if it does happen, go back, right-click the download link, select "Save as" or something and save the file to your hard drive.  If you don't have the Save as option in Safari, you have to disable "open safe files automatically" in the Safari preferences (on the bottom). This is good for security reasons.

* extract the contents of the .7z file to the location of your choice. You'll need an archive program capable of opening .7z files. WinRAR should work.

* Whenever someone mentions "the root TBP folder" or "\tbp\ folder" or something like that, they mean the folder that contains at least a subfolder called "data" and some .vp files.

* Go to the SCP board and download the latest FSO build that is stickied there. The thread name should be "Release: 3.6....". Make sure you get the Inferno (INF) variant. Regular builds cannot handle the amount of ship types in TBP.
There are also Launchers available in the release threads, should you want to use one.

* Download Zathras 2 and unpack the .zip to your TBP folder. There should now be a subfolder called "Zathras" there.
[li]If you're going to use a Launcher (YAL, Soulstorm's Launcher etc...), good luck. I don't know much about them. But in any case, you'll need to set some commandline flags for the FSO build you've downloaded. The most important one is the -mod flag, which allows you to use Zathras as a mod. Simply enter
--- Code: ----mod Zathras
--- End code ---
as a flag. More flags can be found in this article, along with explanations. It is recommended to enable at least:

--- Code: ----spec -env -glow -tbp -ship_choice_3d
--- End code ---
You can also experiment with the flags listed in the "Lighting" section. These allow you to change various lighting values and personally I concider a darker atmosphere to be much moodier than the atmosphere with the default values. Also, you can use the -res flag to set a resolution for the game. Using your monitor's native resolution is highly recommended.

I think that's it. The game starts when you run the FSO build you downloaded. Just make sure to run a release build (for example, fs2_open_3_6_12r_INF_SSE2_RC2) instead of a debug build (for example, fs2_open_3_6_12d_INF_SSE2_RC2.exe). Debug builds are meant for bug hunting and for gathering information when encountering problems. They will throw warning and stuff on the screen and will not provide an enjoyable playing experience.

What registry setting do u mean? U dont need to have FS2 installed to play TBP right?

On Windows, TBP needs to use Windows registry to work correctly, like FS2 does. Using the pack Fishguts linked to, does not create these registry entries. Windows users will need to use the SCP Launcher to create the necessary registry entries.

That said, the package is primarily for linux/osx users. Windows users should use the existing packs where default registry settings are made for you.

Col. Fishguts:
No, but you need some Windows registry entries to get your Joystick working and some other stuff, IIRC.

You could set them up manually, or install TBP using the exe installers

BTW, all R3 base releases are now available through direct HTML links on HLP:
(thanks HLP staff :))

EDIT: Listen to Fury, he know's more about the registry settings. The launcher is creating the necessary entries too ? Neat.

Are the dummy files really necesary in order to play the game, cuz I just removed them from the TBP folder and I just played TBP without any problems.


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