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TBP Rules and Guidlines


This thread contains the current rules and guideline for The Babylon Project.  Please keep them in mind when creating your campaigns, mods, files, etc.

1.  TBP is FINAL and the core is to remain as is and not to be modified in any way.

2.  Anything not already included in the installation should not be placed in the main TBP folder or under it's data folder.  A Mod folder should be used for all changes and additions including but not limited to models, campaigns, sounds, missions, tables, weapons, animations, etc.  The only exception to this is for multi player missions and campaigns using the default tables since they have to be there.   Also keep in mind that there is a 32 character limit (that's name with extension) in FS2 when naming files.

3.  3.6.10 and future versions of FS2_Open and FRED2_Open:
-3a.  For Single player only the executables that ship with TBP Final will be officially supported.  Anything else is on a use at your own risk basis and don't ask why if it doesn't work.
-3b.  Multi player will at some point switch to a 3.6.10 build as there is pretty much no choice in the matter as currently only 3.6.10 builds are being supported in multi player.  The move to 3.6.10 will only happen after all existing missions are tested either found to work or patched so they will work. Anyone writing missions should keep this in mind.  Try to make missions that work with both 3.6.9 and 3.6.10 builds.  Also note that 3.6.9 and 3.6.10 do not work together in multi so everyone playing needs to use the same version for testing.
-3c.  Since were being realists about this and know people will want new feature available in newer versions of FS2_Open we've decided to presents some guidelines for that as well.  Anyone writing a mission or campaign that requires a build other than that included in TBP Final should state so.  Keep in mind that you will be responsible for all support for said mission or campaign.  Also keep in mind that you will be responsible for updating that mission to work with the final version of the build.  So basically if you write something that requires say a 3.6.10 build dated 07/04 you are also responsible for updating what you wrote for 3.6.10 final.  Again there will be no official support for this.

4.  New and changed models, weapons, tables etc:
-4a. Just in case you didn't get it the first time all changes need to be in a mod folder.  The folder should be one of the following:
----Your handle on the HLP site.
----The name of your campaign
----The name of the group/team making the mod
----Some logical abbreviation of one of the above
-4b. Nothing in your mod folder should override anything in the core.  That means new names for models and files.
----Ships/weapons should be named using the name of the ship followed by the #sign and the mod
----Table names should be the name of the mod followed by the appropriate TBM type.
----Other data should be named similarly.
-4c.  Example using a replacement for the Thunderbolt made by WhoKnows:
------Mod folder name WhoKnows
------ship name:  EA_Thunderbolt#WhoKnows
------table name:  WhoKnows_shp.tbm
------map names:  WhoKnows_ea*
------model names:  WhoKnows_*
-4d.  This system should keep people from stepping on each others toes as well as the core.  It also has the added benefit of allowing both old and new models in the same mission.
-4e.  Keep in mind that the use of any mod will prevent multi player from saving stats.
-4f.  The following info should be included in a readme file and any release post:
-----Who made the mod(s)
-----Contact information for the person(s) that made the mod(s)
-----Usage rights for the mod(s)

5.  Mission and campaign file naming.  Pretty much the same type of guidelines as above.  Other naming systems may be used but nothing like m1 or mission1 etc.  Make sure they are unique enough that no one else will use them.
-5a.  Non-campaign missions should start with the creators name or an abbreviation of it.
-5b.  Campaign missions should start with the campaign name or abbreviation of it.
-5c.  These guidelines apply to all files associated with the mission/campaign such as voice files and cut scenes.
-5d.  Example for a campaign called "the best TBP campaign ever".  Your mission and voices may use another system besides these.
-----Campaign file name TBTBPCE.fc2
-----Mission names TBTBPCE_xx.fs2
-----Voice files:  TBTBPCE_xx_x.wav
-5e.  Multiplayer mission naming should strictly stick to the conventions in 5a and 5b since they aren't in a mod folder.

We are putting forth these rules and guidelines in an attempt to keep TBP Final as is while allowing for the continuing development by the users.  What we want to do is prevent chaos from mods stepping on each other and the core.  We're not trying to force anything down your throats but please try to follow them.  In the long run it will be beneficial to everyone. 

These rules are a work in progress and will be updated from time to time.   Questions and discussion of these rules should be posted in this thread:,56304.0.html


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