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3.6.16 multiplayer setup instructions - Games Thrusday 8PM GMT

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Before you start:
First is to download and install Zathras 2.6 following the instructions from this thread:
If you don't have them get the second mission pack here:
Extract the newly downloaded archives into your main TBP folder.  The files are included in their correct sub-folders.
Create an account on FS2netD if you don't already have one (FS2, BTRL, WC Saga, Etc work for TBP as well).
Make sure you have ports 7808 and 7117 allowed on your firewall. 

In the launcher:

Select the new exe by clicking on browse.  Make sure it's the one starting with 3.6.16 and is not the one with the d at the end of the version (it's the smaller sized one). 
Setup your network type (Network tab in the launcher).  For most people this will be LAN and T1/ADSL/etc.    Only exceptions are those on Dial up and on the very rare occasion you have a really old DSL setup you may need to set that to dial up as well.  Try LAN first though. 
You should not have anything in the Force Port or Force IP.  This is for advanced use only.
Make sure you have the Zathras Mod enabled!
Apply the settings (just in case)
Run the game

In the game:

Click the multi tab from the pilot selection screen
Select your pilot or create a new one.  Note this pilot does not need to match you login or pilots from other games.
Hit F2 and check your settings especially under the multi tab.  (Control settings do not carry over from single)
You need PXO turned on and your username and password you used for FS2netD entered. Squad is not necessary but if you are part of a squad it doesn't hurt.
When you are done accept the changes
Enter the lobby by clicking continue.

In the Lobby:

Here you can chat with people from FS2 and other FS2_Open games but can only see TBP 3.6.16 games.
To bring up the game list click on games. 
From here you can either join or create a game.  In order to join a game it must be in the Forming stage. 
If a game is not in the forming stage you can still try to join it.  It will send a message to the host.  The host may end the game and come back to get you.  Please don't do this more than once.  If he doesn't just wait until it's in the forming stage. 

Hosting and Servers:

There are 2 types of servers and ways you can host a game.
First there is the create a game from the games list.  From here you just enter the name of your game.
Second there are standalone servers.  They may or may not exist.  You can tell by the * in front of the name.
To host on one of these look for one with 0 players and click join.  You will be asked to name the game and take control just like you were hosting on your own machine. 
Next you wait for someone else to join.  You can start the game yourself but it's not as fun.
Select a mission from the available mission list.  The ones with a check beside them are validated and track stats.
Set up the options for the mission.  This is very important when hosting.  You need to set the respawns, difficulty and other options. 
General rules:  Coop max respawns, no time limit or kill limit.  TvT 10-15 respawns.  For dogfight use a time or kill limit. 
Warnings:  You may get warnings depending on what mission you select and other items.  Most mean nothing especially the hacked tables one (at least for now). 

Game Sequence:

Loadout screen:  The host (coop/dogfight) or team leader (TvT) can move the players around to different positions by dropping and dragging.
When you have them were you want hit lock.
When lock is enabled the players can choose their ship and weapons and the host/team leader can do the same for the AI ships. 
When done selecting hit commit.
Launch away and have fun playing.
The game will end either by itself, by the time or kill limit or when alt-j is pressed (normally this is reserved for the host to do)
Welcome to debrief.  Talk then click accept. 

You have just played TBP 3.6.16 multi.  Repeat as needed or at least twice daily.   :D

Scheduled TBP sessions are on Thursdays at 8PM GMT.  Of course you can play any time you want. 

FS2netD now shows online users and games from 3.6.10.
Stat tracking is still under 3.6.9 until FS2netD is updated.

are we playing tonite and if we are hose playing , i hate being fubars only target ...............

The E:
I'd like to give it a try

so what are we going to play with zathras and RC2 inf or ..... and where are you fubar


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