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Announcement of the decision for the future of TBP.



First I'd just like to say this whole thing hasn't been easy for any of us. I wish it would have never happened but it did. We can only hope that in the end we did the right thing for the community.

After careful condensation, many discussions, and much debate we have come to the following decisions. First and most important TBP 3.4b will remain final as was always agreed upon. This promise we will not break. There will be no new versions of TBP. It along with the 3.6.9 exes that were included with it are the final version.

That said we will also be following the last decision of the TBP team on what should be done with the project once 3.4 was released. We are therefore handing the future of the project over to the public. TBP has always been about the community, it was a tool set for players and FREDders to have fun with. As agreed to buy the team a new public forum will be setup for this purpose. Keep in mind that there is no longer a TBP team and that all development from here on out is not official TBP content.  Multiplayer development for 3.6.10 and future builds will also continue through public development, meaning if there are people who want to mod TBP to work with newer builds, nobody prevents them from doing it. This has never been a discussion about mods allowed or not. The game has this possibility. You can make good use of it. But there will never be any official update.

As for Vid and myself we will be staying on as moderators and to handle the day to day operations of the forums. Due to the nature of multiplayer these day to day operations will include validating content for TBP. Do not confuse validated content with official content. They are two entirely different things.  The only difference between validated content and regular user made content is that multiplayer will recognize validated content when the code supports it. Not everyone's stuff will become validated content but if the existing rules thread is followed then content from multiple sources both validated and not can be used together. More on this when the forum is up and we have had time to work out the details.

Due to being advised that the merging of forums is a bad idea because it would mix up the events we unfortunately cannot follow this part of the TBP teams wishes. In the near future we will be archiving all private forums. There will no longer be any private TBP forums.

If you wish to use any content from TBP in other projects you will need to obtain permission from the creators of the specific content. We cannot give permission as that content belongs to the creators and as far as we know was only provided to be used in TBP..

So in summary TBP will continue through you the fans.

As for the other project leaders/moderator/whatever out there take note of what has transpired here and learn from it.

there is no Vidmaster and FUBAR user, so one of us had to post this under his username.
But rest assured, this is a decision made by both of us.


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