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No list for fighters.  I'll probably do a list when I put stuff together for the next Zathras or DVD. 

managed to rename novas and poseidon class editing with wordpad, still cant edit the explorer right.

Am i supposed to replace the eaexplorer1a or the eaexplorera textrure? tried both nothing worked

I think it's called Explorer_Blank.  

There should be a text file with instructions in your Zathras directory. 

Yup, that made it work. The texture list in FRED didn't include the EAExplorer_Blank that's why I was having trouble figuring it out. For any other new FREDer  interested in that, here's a quick reference of  what it should look like.

$Texture Replace:
+old: EAExplorer_Blank
+new: EAExplorer_Name
+old: EAExplorer_Blank-glow
+new: EAExplorer_Name-glow

Ships with names are sooo cool !  :D


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