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Killer Whale:
Heya, this is my page for working on ma mission. Dropbox link:
Only just got past the launch tubes, so there's quite a bit in the way of bugs, not much in the way of stuff to do and not much of anything happening yet. But I have plans, plans to make things do other things like awesome stuff.

Stuck on tube launches. Progress is complicated at the moment due to not being able to test. I've looked over it and over it, but this pair of eyes can't for the life of it see the difference between diaspora mission launch events and my ones.
Dropbox link is in flux:
Attached link is fixed temporarily.

Perhaps a fresh pair of eyes can see it. Are there scripts or something messing with me?

Did you follow the tutorial in the dev blog?

Killer Whale:
I was trying to copy the events in the first mission of Diaspora and couldn't do it, I didn't realise that tutorial had actually come out, but yeah I went through it and it worked. Unfortunately, I didn't work out what I did wrong the first time so :no: for learning experiance.

Is the correct version linked in the OP?  'cause all I get when it starts is sliding sideways for a while and then my viper just kind of stops.

Killer Whale:
er... Now it is, I think. But I haven't quite got a grip on this dropbox thing, I think the link keeps changing when I reupload. So maybe using and manually navigating to mission 3 would be more effective.
Why is everything in https? That makes it sound like you have to be logged in.
Easier option:


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