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*RELEASE* Learning Curve MK II

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This is a heavy modification of the Fred tutorial redone and released with permission.  I've used audio files from other missions and modified them as needed.  All required files are included.
You have the option of flying a MKVII or MKVIIe with tube launch.  You are flying off of the Battlestar Perseus defending one of the colony home worlds in a blue giant system.

There's a lot going on in this mission and while you're viper is not impervious, it is tougher than normal.

I hope you enjoy it.

Here's a drop box link since the file is larger than the site will accept:

*The Link no longer works and I lost the original file.  I'll attempt to reconstruct the contents and upload*

*UPDATED*  Now includes a Raptor version of the mission with improvements to both versions.

*The new version of this can be found under the "Aerilon is Burning" release.*

Since the original was my design, I guess I'm going to have to play this. :D

Thanks!  If you dowloaded this file before 6AM Central 10/15 download again please, it was late and I included the wrong mission file heh.  The link now contains the correct one. 

One thing to note, and I don't know why this happens, if you pick the MKVIIe from the start, you can fly the mission just fine in the strike viper.  However, if you pick the MKVII and then finish/exit and try to fly the VIIe without restarting Diaspora, it will crash to desktop.  You can fly it over and over with the MKVII and not have a problem though.  I never did solve that, but since you can just pick the strike viper from the start I figured it wasn't a big deal really.

The default ship is the MKVII standard viper.

Crashes like that aren't an issue for the FREDder to solve anyway. If you can make the game crash doing something you set up in FRED, then it's a code issue.

Ah ok.  To that end, I've also noticed that if I change the default missile load out on the MKVIIe, (change the first bank to 4 HD170's for example) it will crash out about half of the time when I go to launch.  I go right back in and can run the mission with that ship and that load out though.  I can try to get some debug info tonight if that would help.


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