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Still a work in progress but it's playable with the key events in place.

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Killer Whale:
Thus far: Pretty cool mission, it taught me how to dodge missiles without spamming countermeasures. I'm finding it pretty fun. Do title your ships, of course your going to but it takes only a few seconds just to rename your objects. The delay for me between "We're not done" and "Boom" was a little too high and those bombs were so obviously cylon bombs due to the nature of asking the player to intercept, and hence target. Um... The debriefing felt a little "listy", and I feel that's a common danger with debriefings as you're trying to merge multiple possibilities into a single block of text. It felt more like: You did this, good job. You didn't do this, bad job. It could feel a little more fluid, a little more feedbacky than repeat to the player what they've done.
And a little more chatter might be nice, hell, more chatter is always nice (hyperbole).

Thanks for the quick feedback.  It definitely needs tuning.  I was thinking of filling that gap you mentioned with hijacker/negotiator chatter.  And if still feels too long, I'll shorten the event trigger.  I went with cylon nukes.   At first because after experimenting they were only torpedoes giving me the reaction I wanted.  Then I thought it would be kind of cool if the cylons were supplying the insurgency.  As far as ship names, I'm just waiting to see what the group wants to name the battlestar and using Sobek as a place holder.

General Battuta:
Just a note - you don't have to set up an event with an add-goal SEXP to make a ship waypoint at mission start; you can just set its initial orders in the ship editor.

Mission looks pretty clean, though I'm not seeing any dialogue for a failure path yet.

Alrighty, playing through it right now and I'm in a bit of a rush so this is going to be a bit listy and/or *****y, so sorry up front.

Why do I know how many containers I have to blow up to clear the debris field? I think you can hide the directive counter behind a second event (like, set the directive to 'is-event-true-delay (blow up containers event)

And on the warheads part: I have nothing against them being cylon nukes, but why would my targeting computer know they are cylon missiles?

Having gotten to the end, I think it would be better to have to disable the ftl first off then clear through the field.

How many people fit in a raptor?

Overall its solid though.  :yes:

Deliberately trying to break stuff play-through:

right off I fired a whiplash into the engine which stopped the ship and broke the mission. Maybe either guardian them so they can't be destroyed, or make the ship blow up (and presumably fail the mission) if the engines are destroyed. Likewise, the ship never tries to jump out.


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