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Welp, here it is. Initial version of the first mission.

*link redacted because forgottedid password*

Tear it apart and make me cry :D

Updated again with few and not-so-varied changes. See below.

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General Battuta:

--- Quote ---$Author: *****es and/or Hoes

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Subvertin' the patriarchy

IDK if it matters but you've got a mismatch between starting wings and squadron wings.

Weapon loadout needs cleanup to reduce load times (or at least I think it reduces load times!)

This is gonna sound a little annoying...but in the event 'All stop', it might look a little more organic if some of the ships cut their engines with a little more lag than others. You could set this up as a series of events, or as one repeating event and a bit of trickery with arguments (selecting one argument, ordering that ship to halt, invalidating the argument, and repeating the event until all the arguments have been invalidated.) Obviously the message from Gold 1 would have to go in another event.

Messages look great. The Colonial Marines resent the implication that their STI testing is less than totally stringent.

Obviously I am at work and this is based entirely on a notepad read

Initial briefing was good.  I forgot you could highlight text and need to do that with my own.

I have to admit the first play through I wasn't prepared for reading the messages as I have gotten used to MS_sam doing that for me.  I think you have an initial sound that plays at the beginning of each message so I missed some text first time through.

I like the random chatter and the ability to shut it down :)

I wasn't clear on the use of f12 the first time either and actually ignored it.  I don't think that hurt anything.

The scanning and posting of contents worked well and things were added to the escort list.

Now after I had scanned all the ships I'm not sure if I missed something but that seemed to be the end.  I didn't see a way to order my ships to do anything, and my weapons were locked.  Are the follow up events not programmed yet, or did I fail to trigger something?

It took me about 15 minutes to scan the field.  Thought that might be useful to know as a first time player.

Looking good so far to me.  I didn't try to break it yet, just wanted to initial play test and let you know how that went.  I need to get to the other missions as well.

General Battuta:
Probably need directives to tell the player how to order dockings.

Unquoted speed reply:

Thank you for playing through it.

Added a directive for how to order raptors to dock.

@Hammer: hotkey//mission time: my hope for that (unimplemented cause no idea how) was to organize them in the hotkey so it would guide the player on the quickest path through the ships and cut the time down to (well) under 10 minutes.

re: voice: I hate ms sam myself so I didn't even think of that. Shouldn't be difficult at all to rip out the static clicks from all of the messages so it can read them.

@Badtutta: kind of scared you can notepad read a mission.

weapons: thought all weapons only loaded if you ticked that flag, but simple change to make.

re: stop: not annoying, don't know what effect to have that command make on the mission though.

heeeeeeeee ;7

*e* Viva la poils des jambes!


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