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Updated to be functional.  I got tired of trying to get query_orders to work like I wanted, but the directives tell you what to do.

Monday update:
Started working on textures again.  I made a quick nameplate of the battlestar with my tentative name ("Osiris") but didn't do a whole lot with it in case you guys want a different name.  I'm currently trying to build a script for GIMP to streamline the post-processing of the nebulae made from SpaceScape, since that sounded a lot less tedious at the time.  I have yet to setup the debrief or objectives though.

Still early days yet on this one.  The briefing was well done and did a good job of setting up the mission.

I scanned the convoy and had one of the vessels fire at me.  I assumed I should kill it as it was briefly hostile so I ordered the bolithos to attack.  They didn't kill it and the cargo vessel went from hostile to neutral.   I assume that's why they would not fire on it.  I decided to kill it myself but ran out of ammo before it died.  One of the vessels I was supposed to order to follow me but I wasn't sure how to accomplish that.  Maybe a training message would be helpful there.  At that point I was kind of stuck so I decided to return to the Osirus and land but I wasn't able to target it.  Not sure if it jumped out but it wasn't on my target list.  I would suggest adding it and the interesting vessels in the convoy to the escort list.  Not being sure what to do next I jumped out.  Debrief is not in yet so I wasn't sure how bad I did ;) 

The skybox definitely gives the mission a unique feel which is good for a user made campaign.  I do think it probably needs to have the number of larger stars (ones with halos) toned down.  I think we have all adopted Osirus as the name of the battlestar so proceed on the nameplate if you have the time.  I'll keep checking back as you post updates.

New version (courtesy of insomnia) takes care of a lot of that.  To my great dismay, it appears that one cannot use variables in a list of arguments (i.e. it will be replaced with its initial value if you try).  The skybox is in the process of being completely reworked (mostly the nebulae), but I should have something to show off next week or so.


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