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I'll be going through the archive and marking things properly at some point later this month. Till then, it was mainly meant to be a place people could grab the missions that otherwise had vanished into the aether.

Great Idea the Freders Deserve us to be able find them easily.
Many thanks for taking the time

Does it matter where the files go in the Diaspora folder? Or is just the parent folder fine? (ie C:>Games>Diaspora)

All the mission (i.e. *.fs2) files should go in:  C:>Games>Diaspora->data->missions.  If the directories don't exist, just create them.  You can then access the missions via Tech Data -> Mission Simulator.

A slightly more advanced approach is to create a separate mod folder, put all the missions into C:>Games>Diaspora->MOD->data->missions, and then select the mod from the launcher to get access to the missions.


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