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Zathras 2.8 Official Release

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Col. Fishguts:

--- Quote from: FUBAR-BDHR on January 07, 2014, 10:38:00 am ---If I recall the engines are that way because the original model did not have destroyed versions of the engines.  This resulted in some wired effects with the engines if they were repaired during a mission.  As the engines were quite large targets they were tabled with the no replace flag to keep the original behavior so mission balance wouldn't be affected while allowing newer missions to enable the destroyed versions via sexp. 
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Ah yes, now I vaguely remember hat issue. But still, the flag could be removed from the zathras table, since the POF in Zatrhas 2.8 comes with "engine0Xa-destroyed" submodels (which are now hidden, but the original "engine0X" still disappears when destroyed)

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As for turrets firing into empty space that should not be happening.  Fire down normals should make them only fire when pointed at the target instead of firing one direction while the barrels are pointing another.  Looking at the Primus it seems the turrets are set up correctly in PCS2 so if they are firing at empty space it could be some kind of code issue. 

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It seems it's forcing the shot along the barrel, no matter if it's pointing at the target or not. And target tracking seems somehow borked... I'll have to take a closer look at this.

Hello again everybody. There hasn't been anything new here for months! Are you cool people still developing Zathras and wait for 3.0 as the next official release or wouldn't it make sense to update the main page with Zathras 2.8 if this isn't the case? Because right now the time for a space combat simulation comeback looks promising with Star Citizen raking in big money and all the other kickstarters! I think it would be only fair if The Babylon Project could profit a bit from all the buzz to get acknowledgement for the fantastic work it is, but for that to happen there need to be some new releases that get publicity. Maybe Zathras 2.8 or even a DVD 2.0 release with some missing campaigns and updated missions included?


--- Quote from: Col. Fishguts on December 24, 2013, 09:29:37 am ---Thanks for putting this together, this adds a lot of polish :yes:

Now I've got the problem that the big explosion shockwaves are completely black (see screenshot) when using the official 3.7.0 exe. Has there been a change the way transparency is handled?

EDIT: It seems to be happening only if 3d-shockwaves are disabled, so its not a big problem.

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Hello, I am having the exact same problem in game, and I don't know how to enable 3d-shockwaves, any help please ?

Go to your launcher's advanced tab, then check "Enable 3D shockwaves" (under graphics)


--- Quote from: niffiwan on April 14, 2014, 07:26:58 pm ---Go to your launcher's advanced tab, then check "Enable 3D shockwaves" (under graphics)

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When I go to the launcher "Advance Tab", I see only this message : "The executable did not generate a flag file. Make sure that the executable is an FS2 Open Executable"

The exe that I point to is "FS2_Open_3.7.0 No SSE", so it should work but it didn't :(


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