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Mission: yadfm

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Yet another dogfighting mission ...

I edited this one within linux using a Win7 vm image:
Opengl extension (gl_ext_rgba) doesn't work so you can't align stuff nicely (I used a previous mission with launch already set) but works otherwise. Don't even bother enabling the 3d option.

I'll give it a try over the weekend (or maybe later today). Am I the only person playing though? Cause I'd be surprised if no one else wants to play.

K, how do I turn this into coop?

Hmmmm. I was going to point you at the multiplayer documentation but it appears that is incomplete and didn't ship with Diaspora (at least not with the first release). It's pretty easy though. Go to the mission notes editor and set the mission to multiplayer coop. Then go to the rest of the wing that the player is in and set them all to player ship. If I remember correctly, that's all you have to do.

The link for the mission is not working...


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