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Am I doomed?

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As the title does suggest, I have a dilemma concerning a project and a possibly large vertices count.

I am going through my days when I'm not working trying my best to reduce vertices as to place a ship I favour in-game ( not of my own making, just converting).

I've come to a point where I'm now rather concerned, as my polygon count may be too high. To the point:

For the entire BOW of this ship; base structure, ribs, and armour plating, comes to around 12000 vertices (not including any turrets or details, antennas, etc).
Now I'm still able to reduce some more, however I'd be lucky to land in the 8000-9000 range without destroying aesthetics too much. Considering the Sobek has around 2500 just for the Upper, mid and lower jaw, my concerns are reaching their peak. My problem is due to its size, the amount of ribs it has is huge.

I want to know if Diaspora can handle something with 3-4 times the vertices that the Sobek has (plus 3-4 times the amount of guns).

What are you thinking of adding anyway?

Im currently trying to convert the battlestar hesperides, created by tan.j

Ive also got the pacifica which i may do as well provided the hesperides pulls through.

Well if we can get the Pegasus in game and looking beautiful I see no reason either of those ships couldn't work. The problem is that our Pegasus was built from scratch rather than trying to convert a high poly model. If you have the skills to make the ship that way, you'd probably be better off doing so. Hell, we'll even offer you a place on the team if you can do that. :p

If you can't, it's probably still worth giving it a try I'd say. One question though, do you actually have permission from tan.j to convert his ship? If you don't, we can't do anything with it officially. If you do, that opens up a lot more possibilities.

I dont have permission, no. However, if I am able to place this ship ingame, I will most certainely ask his permission. If he says no, then I guess it wont be released to the public. No point asking if Im unable to deliver anyway.


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