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More Problems


I'm making a new topic because nobody hears my cries on the other one..

First, any updates on that possible guide?
Second, according to this (, I should dock/undock my viper to get it's position right, but when I do that the Viper shifts itself about 20 units to the right, frakking up the position. What do I do to fix this?

I have this little problem too. What I do is select the Battlestar and dock the Viper. Once docked, exit and locate the viper. Once youve found it, hover over it with the mouse and record its current position eg (706.9, 61.9, 842.7).

Once youve got that information, select the battlestar again and undock the viper...... you'll notice its pitch, bank and heading will still be properly aligned.

Select the Viper and press shift-o and input your positional info and hit ok. Tadaa, the Viper should be perfectly in position.

Note this will only work if the docking and undock info is changed through the Battlestars Intial status. If done through the Viper, the Battlestar will move instead.

Hope this helps.

Well, that solves one problem.

I thought I had replied to the other topic. Looks like the forum ate it.

It's Christmas week at the moment so obviously I'm busy, but I will try to see about writing a tutorial some time near the start of the new year. Remind me if I haven't done it by next weekend.

As for the other problem, R2 has a much better solution for tube launches than that one. I believe I did release it to the public at one point but I'll see if I can do a mini-release for FREDders when I get around to the tutorial.

The second mission is ready but I keep crashing. Tell me if you complete it. It's a bare skeleton, so I know it's too hard. Balance changes I'll come around to soon enough, plus briefing and debriefing.

Also attached is a basic launch template. We'll see if that ever works.

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