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*RELEASE* Diaspora R1.1.1 Fuel Mod

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Welcome to "Fuel Mod" for Diaspora: Shattered Armistice v1.1.1.  If you have not already upgraded to this version there's no reason not to right now!

This mod is the result of my learning how to manipulate FRED to create some missions for an as yet unannounced in progress project.  I liked it so much I decided to go back and incorporate these features into the Shattered Armistice campaign.

I checked with the Diaspora team and they are fine with me releasing this mod.  The missions will be playable from the tech room.

What it does:

1. It adds a working fuel quantity system to the game with a customized HUD and gauges.  Fuel will be burned any time you would expect it to be burned.  It affects thrusters, main engines and afterburners both in normal and glide mode. 
It also has a "Newtonian" affect that you still burn fuel while decelerating.  After all, there would have to be thrusters being used to slow you down even if the game engine doesn't render them.  When glide mode is engaged you will not burn fuel unless you use thrusters.
There is also an "afterburner lockout" feature that prevents afterburner from being utilized while in glide mode.  Consider them mutually exclusive.  This was intentional.

2. It adds working external fuel stores that can be jettisoned that affect the fuel quantity available.

3. It takes into account the conformal fuel tanks that were always a part of the Assault Viper MKVIIE's design concept.

The fuel quantity available varies by ship class and uses the following:

Viper MkVII:   1300 JP Internal + 1300 JP External      2600 JP Maximum load
Viper MkVIIE:   2600 JP Internal + 1300 JP External      3900 JP Maximum load
Raptors:   1300 JP Internal + 2600 JP External      3900 JP Maximum load

Each Drop Tank holds 650 JP of fuel.  Vipers can carry two, Raptors carry four.

Fuel will be burned based on the performance of your craft using the external stores first.  The more you use thrusters, the faster you're going, the more you use afterburner the faster you burn fuel. 

1300 JP of fuel is enough to last approximately 20-30 minutes in typical scenarios.  Most missions will probably fall within that range.

However there are some cases were extended fuel makes sense, such as mission four of the campaign when Red squadron takes off from the Theseus in the asteroid belt and flies to Aerilon orbit.  That trip probably used some fuel.

4. The HUD has been customized to add the fuel gauges, both internal and external, as well as modifications to the afterburner fuel and throttle gauges.  All gauges now use delineated graphs, the fuel at 25% increments, throttle at 33% which works perfectly with the built in throttle keys.
The GLIDE indicator has been relocated above the throttle % reading.  When you do not have external fuel stores, or shortly after they are depleted the external fuel gauge will deactivate automatically.

5. It adds engine shutdown to "off" when the engines actually should be off, including running out of fuel, which of course is a bad thing, reducing your throttle to zero or when glide is engaged.

6. I implemented an "IFF Transponder" for the Theseus in all missions using the Nav point system.  Use ALT-N by default, to activate when the Theseus is near by.  It will give you an always "on screen" pointer to the ship that you can reference while you're busy with the bad guys.

7. I've implemented a feature to let you know when you've been seriously damaged.  I think the affect adds immersion and it's very similar to effects heard in the show.  The effect is triggered when  your hull strength falls below 75%, 50%, 25% and 10%. 
If you take significant damage and fall from say 100% > 23% only the 25% trigger goes off.

8. I've also tweaked a couple of sounds and added a few others for the fuel system.  Listen for the new launch sounds and you can hear the launch bar attach to the viper as the engines spool up.  When you get low on fuel there are audio warnings as well.

9. I've modified the Assault Raptor to include the standard Raptors MEC-A6 and reversed the secondary store mounts.  This allows the assault to be a modified version of the standard Raptor with just the additional weapons added to it.

10. I didn't write the HUD files to support Full Screen monitors.  I figured these days, if you're playing this it's probably on a wide screen display, however, if someone needs Full Screen support, contact me.

When you run out of fuel, you basically just go "ballistic".  You can't rotate, you can't change direction, you just drift in whatever direction you were headed at that speed.


Simply unzip and place the VP file in your root Diaspora folder.  The naming will place the file at the top of the VP order and allow changed files to override the stock ones.  If you have another VP file that is ABOVE this one in your load order, you should make sure there are no conflicting files.
Contact me for assistance if you have any questions about that.

Thank you and enjoy.

*EDIT* The mod has been updated to use the engine glow script created by xenocartographer .  Thank you xeno!

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File not found?

Phantom Hoover:
I'm not currently in a position to test this but at first impression this sounds like:

- an absolutely incredible work of technical modding and presentation

- a severe exacerbation of Diaspora's already very annoying attrition mechanics


--- Quote from: tomimaki on March 18, 2017, 05:22:17 am ---File not found?

--- End quote ---

Sorry, DropBox just changed their policy, I've updated the link.  Click Download and "No thanks, continue with Download".  Please let me know if that doesn't work.


--- Quote from: Phantom Hoover on March 18, 2017, 06:12:20 am ---I'm not currently in a position to test this but at first impression this sounds like:

- an absolutely incredible work of technical modding and presentation

- a severe exacerbation of Diaspora's already very annoying attrition mechanics

--- End quote ---

Well, "annoying" isn't what I had in mind.  Making it more realistic, making it similar to other flight simulators, that was the goal.  I'm a big fan of Falcon BMS and have been playing it for years.  Unless you turn on the "cheats" you don't have unlimited anything.  Not to worry though, unless it's specifically written into a mission design or the player is really off mission you shouldn't run out of fuel.  In fact the one mission where drop tanks are used, yes they are low, but the internal fuel is full so you have plenty.


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