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How to Add Diaspora Ships to FRED2???

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Hello everyone!

I'm totally new to FreeSpace 2, but having recently played through the Diaspora:Shattered Armistice campaign, I am so excited to delve into creating my own missions. As a space sim and BSG fan, I was blown away!

After experimenting some with FRED2 and reading through the tutorials, I feel pretty confident about being able to learn my way around the program. What has me flat out stumped though, is how to add the Diaspora ships and resources to FRED2. All of the tutorials, both quick and in-depth seem to launch right in as though it started with vipers by default. However, all I have been able to find are the default FreeSpace 2 ships and resources. I'm sure it's something simple, and I apologize if this is something that has been asked before. I appreciate any help on this. Thank you!

Diaspora ships with the wxLauncher right? - If no, which launcher do you use?

Do you have Freespace SCP installed elsewhere on your computer? - If yes, do you use the same launcher for it and Diaspora?

FRED2_Open builds can load the configurations from the launcher, this might be the cause of your problem.

If you use a unified launcher like wxLauncher it might cause it to read the wrong data. Note that the needed configuration file is written and loaded when you launch the game, not when you use the launcher - so you have to set-up the launcher then start the game, exit and than run FRED to see if it works.

The E:
FRED loads ships and other assets exactly like the FS2_Open engine. Which, at its most basic level, means that if you launch FRED from within the Diaspora directory, you'll get Diaspora's shipset, and if you run it from within your FS2 directory, you get whatever shipset is being used by the currently active mod.

If you want to mix-and-match ships from Diaspora and other FS2 mods, you'll need to build your own mod pack. In order to do that, you'll need:
-A VP editor (I recommend VPGUI)
-A text editor (Notepad++ or Visual Studio Code, for example)

Now, in order to give you a good guide on how to proceed, I'll need you to tell me what exactly you want to do. Do you want to make Diaspora missions that feature ships from other mods, or do you want to make a FreeSpace mod that features ships from Diaspora?

Thank you all for your replies; they are very helpful! Reading back through my post, I realize now I have very little information about my set up. I am using wxLancher for Diaspora and have purchased FreeSpace 2 from GOG. Diaspora seems to have its own file as does FreeSpace 2. To obtain FRED2, I used the FreeSpace Open installer provided by Hard Light, which correctly set up all of the FreeSpace Open suite in the FreeSpace 2 file. As such, running FRED2 works great, but creating a new folder in FreeSpace 2 for Diaspora (like a FreeSpace 2 mod folder) has no effect. Likewise, moving FRED 2 out of the main FreeSpace 2 folder causes the program to instantly crash.

The added factor is that I am running these on Mac OS X Sierra. Since only Diaspora is designed for Mac, all of the FreeSpace programs and files are run through Wine. Impressively, Wine has had no problems creating a stable port of the game software. However, I am concerned that having to use Wine might be part of the problem. I do however also have Windows 8.1 partitioned on my MacBook Pro and have run into the same problem, so that's what leads me to believe I must be missing something haha

As for what I'd like to use the program for, right now, it centers exclusively on Diaspora. I wouldn't mind even a set up where FRED2 is defaulted to Diaspora if it would be less complex. FreeSpace 2 looks amazing, and down the road, I definitely want to play through it. I hope this helps. Thank you all again for helping me with this!

You're using FRED2 Open, right?  Not FRED2?  Try copying FRED2 Open to the Diaspora folder.  I think you'll need to run it in WINE.  However, you might need to run Diaspora for Windows on WINE first to set up configuration options, as I think Mac stores them differently?   A lot of this is in the progress of being changed IIRC (moving away from Windows Registry settings to config files), but it's not done yet, so, I think you'll have to get Windows Diaspora running before FRED2 Open can read configs.  That is, unless there's a Mac version of FRED2 Open, I'm unaware of whether or not there is.  If there is, try using that (FRED2 Open Mac) after copying it to Diaspora's folder.


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