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Don't steal my thread! :D Just kidding, that's pretty cool. Are you going to add any more details?

EDIT: Smoothshading shows off the details much better:

suggestion to UT: See those black holes in the texture towards the front? I bet those are supposed to be missile racks and gun ports. Recess them and make them 'true' holes, maybe with a missile head sticking out. That'd make it ub3r, just like the partial hi-poly Uly in the other thread :drevil:
In fact, you can use that as an example of what is needed.

Raa: That is simply thumbs-up a+ material right there.

w00tage! The hi-polyness! :D

Haven't decided if I'm even going to spend more time on it. I was just excited I got an orange tinted glass effect. ;)

Unknown Target:
Here :)

holy... Pcount???



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