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--- Quote from: Betrayal on November 15, 2016, 10:04:08 pm ---Man, I'm kidding a lot :P. You may be not familiar with my style of commenting things, but there are a lot of absurd jokes inside. I actually want to see "Destroy squadron [666]" on my directives list :P. 666 or any cool and recognizable number like... Well I want to say 69, but I won't :D. No directives like "destroy squadron" were bugged.

In fact nothing was bugged. That's a cool thing! Except for that feral mission with Denver. HUD didn't appear. I toggled it manually via Shift+O.

--- End quote ---

 :lol: :lol: :lol: You got me there, bro!  Whew... I thought I had another overlooked bug....Well regarding the Denver, I might have placed the "HUD" SEXP in the same event to restore the player view when it should be in a separate event delayed for 1 sec or 2. I will fix that. I had the same problem with the "Beta Aquilae" Movie. It has something to do with frame rates. Thanks.

Goober5000 had contacted me yesterday. This campaign will be hosted. A million thanks to Goobeer5000. I am now fulfilling the requirements he gave me and I will send them to him later.

gz on hosting

Wow. Seeing this being hosted is really amazing. Makes me just that much more determined to get my own project working and out. Congratz, man!

Thanks guys for the compliments. As I have said, I do this for the community. This Project belongs to the fans. I hope will enjoy it....Plunge into the chaos! :D


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