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--- Quote from: CT27 on July 30, 2022, 07:26:25 pm ---So how do the different versions of AFR work now?

What I mean is how does one play the canon version and the (original but now non-canon) version?

Do we still need both "AF-MissionsV1" and "V2"?

--- End quote ---

You just need the AF-CampaignV1. Discard the V2. Both campaign will show up now in the campaign room.

I should have renamed the "AF-CampaignV1" to just "AF-Campaign" but the V1 is what Knossos has. They just have replace the VPs.

The "Alternate" campaign is now named as the "Canon Version" in the campaign room. The original version is now called... well, the "Original Version."

I was able to start my test playthrough of AFR a little early.  I used FSO 22.0 and MVPs 4.6.X.

Some bad news:  Early on, I had the same problem I had before with the Corsair and Denver.  The Corsair docked but even after Esquire said he was ready to leave the Corsair never moved.

Also, I don't know if this would make a difference or matters or not, but:

In versions where this mission doesn't work (Corsair won't move after docking with Denver), it fires green shots.  On versions where it does work (19.0 FSO and 4.0 MVPs), the Corsair fires what looks like golden shots.

And I did test this new version of AFR with 19.0 and 4.0 MVPs (on this mission in the techroom), the Corsair would undock with the Denver and the mission was able to be completed as intended.

Last update of AFR is now on Knossos


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