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Development is now proceeding at full speed. Release should be imminent.
All missions have been finished and tested, all that's left now is the VN scenes.

Alright, back to work after release, seems most of the major bugs have been ironed out hopefully.

Unfortunately Episode 1 didn't quite release with all the stuff I wanted. The missions, ships and weapons are fine, but what I'm seriously unhappy with is the VN aspect.
To put it short, writing is a PITA and I didn't want to hold off release just to add more words to a text file when everything else is complete, so my first step Post-EP1 is to continue working full steam on the VN Sequences and actually add the words I wanted. That said, that might take a while due to the aforementioned issue of writing being annoying and painful.

Second major thing that needs change is the art. To put it even shorter: It sucks.

Okay it maybe doesn't suck, but I look at it now and think "Jesus H. Christ, I could've done a significantly better job on those sprites, huh?"

Basically, I don't like the weird facing, lack of emotion and inconsistent shading/line thickness of the different sprites, so my second big step will be to redo all the existing VN art (the Head.ANIs are fine and will remain as-is).

Once this is done, I will be able to move on to Episode 2. That part should be easier to make compared to Episode 1 given I only need to add roughly 10-or-so ships and not 70, and I've already got a base to work off of.

Thanks for the update, looking forward to continued updates and progress!

Good morning (or extremely very late evening, it's currently 5 in the morning at the time of posting),

Today I bring you a gift

A gift of elf

And also the first step in VN art refreshing. Basically all the sprites will be forward facing now rather than side-facing. The quality of the art (****ty pose aside, don't mind that) I think is also significantly better than before.
For self-reference, the main lineart will now use 14px lines with 10 or 12px lines for internal details. Previous sprites were a little all over the place with line thickness.

Expect me to post more of these in the future. If there's any interest I might also go into more detail about how I draw these things and prep them for VN usage.

That looks much better


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