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Re: Hi to all !!!!! (... A suggestion, please !)
Perhaps number 2 on the following page for this thread should have been used:


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Re: Hi to all !!!!! (... A suggestion, please !)
WHAT THE HELL OF INCOMMENSURABLE BULLSH.TS ARE YOU WRITING ????????????????????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We're just trying to match your degree of verbal and logical greatness. Alas, we seem to be unable to do so.

.... I simply expressed my opinion about B.Galact. ..... , opinion that surely is not only mine (.... I repeat ; all the macho I know think the same !).(Of course, the machos are few, but even a lot of "not macho" knows what's normal, and doesn't like that series ........).
Your opinions, although we'll try to respect them, are an opinion. Still you're preaching them like they were the one and only truth. Fanatics and lunatics are pretty much the only people doing that. Additionally, everything you write comes down to the exact same topic. Psychologically speaking it appears as if your mental focus is suffering greatly from the urge to reduce everything to whether it satisfies your opinion of manliness or not. 'Tis a sad thing indeed.

Perhaps my words sound more "heavy" as they seem to me, ........ 'cause I'm not english native language .............
.... But I simply tried to express my thought ......
It is more than obvious. And I'm saying this being German myself. Your native language also doesn't seem to have any logical rules about interpunction. Or you are deliberately ignoring them. Both of which reduce your credibility.

I wrote about my relationships with women just to be sure to don't pass as sexist, ..................... 'cause practically all the women I know like me, .... and think the same about that tv-series (they found silly "women in warrior pose", and especially who command authoritatively "men", .... they really hate them, .... they found them unnatural, silly, ridiculous, and even offensive, ..... they are feminine .... they want only "Real Men", right, good, MACHO, ..... ).
Let's just imagine what you say is true. All the women you have contact with, may their number be 0 or 500, like you. That doesn't make anything you say any less chauvinistic. Let's also just imagine that you are indeed sexually dominant. That means that you will ultimately only seek contact to those of the other sex that are willing to indulge your desires by being sexually submisse. Let's go one degree higher and imagine that you are also part of the BDSM subculture, which represents a more or less closed circle of people that prefer to keep to themselves, because most normal people reduce them to their sexual practices and therefore perceive them to be sick perverts. To battle the hostility coming from the general public it is not uncommon for people of that subculture to guard themselves with a growing conviction of elitism.

.... I was not trying demonstrate that I'm a real man, a macho, ...........  :D :D :D :D :D hahahaha !!!!! ......... Because I think this as an obvious thing ........ (real men are rare, ok, ....... but they are) ............... The fact that several of you see this as a sort of "improbable thing", only show that you are not  :lol: :lol: :lol: !!!!!!!!!!!!!! (.... Anyway, I'm a good guy, and I really don't like that many of you are probably not a "Man" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).
I'm sorry to break this to you, but the fact that you are repeating the very same thing over and over, proves your claim to be a lie.

"Women in warrior pose" exist in movies/videogames etc. ... , only because inverted depraved perverts subhuman "false men" like them (... and you should know that there are more of these "ones", than the normal "real men", that are sadly rare ......) ( .... As, ... also probably in this forum, sadly ............). (.... And this is also the main problem of the planet ; if there were many "real men", right, godd, macho, with "balls", ....., this nasty planet would be extremely better .......................).
Yes ..... thinking well,  ... I don't know even about a single macho who play videogames, even only in winter in the extra freetime, like me, ...... (also it's a secret, LOL, I got shame of this and I never told it to anybody !) .............................
.............. So, thinking well, .... it's probably really difficult to find a "Man" in this forum .........................................
(But I really would like it were not so ...........).
You probably should read less Nietzsche. The guy's great, but he also did spout a huge amount of things that cannot be taken too seriously. Not to mention that fascist forces just 70 years ago tried and succeeded to abuse some of his less senseful thoughts in favour of their ridiculous genocidal crusade. But hey, if you indeed are German as I would suspect, I can point you in some very good directions where you'll probably find a lot of people you would claim to be "real men". There's two particularly good pick up and BDSM boards you probably would love. Just ask and I shall deliver.

I'm probably investing way too much time into this.
Only the one passed trough darkness obtains the right to ask for light


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Re: Hi to all !!!!! (... A suggestion, please !)
Yeeeeaaaah, I be thinking that this is enough of that. Though I am certain that there will be more hilarity to come, let's not try to turn this into a game of "Who can pick apart the troll".

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