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I should probably get this done while I'm thinking about it
It just occurred to me that I never properly introduced myself  :banghead:

So, obviously I'm FuzzyDarkMatter (by all means, call me Fuzzy, it's a lot less typing). I have fond memories of the entire Freespace experience from back in the day, yes I am old enough to have played both of them when they originally released, but that just means I've got wisdom/experience/a failing memory.

Nearly scared my wife half to death the other day, because while debating whether I could buy FS2 of GOG without the wife finding out, I discovered that it was also available from GameStop via their PC app (which I don't believe has been mentioned elsewhere, though I could be mistaken) and I just so happened to have a gift card laying around. This discovery caused me to jump out of my chair, sending it flying across the room, and start throwing random objects (non-breakable) around in an attempt to find said gift card. It was, apparently, quite amusing after she recovered from the initial heart attack. A few hours of downloading and tweaking later, and I'm back in space...and it is positively glorious.

To everyone involved with FSO, SCP, and all of you wonderful, wonderful modders out there that are going to guarantee hours upon hours of entertainment, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, you guys are the best.

Edit - How did I miss HLP in my thank you speech? Give yourselves a cookie for my incompetence.
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