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Controls are really spread out
The default controls are really spread out. A, Z for manual throttle but bksp, \ for full and stop, and m for match, for example. Many other controls are likewise spread out. I get the idea for some of them (trying to match the letter to the function) but it's just a lot of moving around on the keeb and potential to hit the wrong button in a crunch. Also some functions in the options like inverting the Pitch for mouse users or setting up a working throttle for Joystick and HOTS users are very unintuitive to figure out.

I can't find a way to save different setups, so I am reluctant to manually spend a bunch of time remapping things to cluster more sensibly. Since this is a mod, is there any way to get in a way to save multiple layouts, possibly with several preset layouts for various use cases and/or would it be possible to make them sharable?I think this would be a big help, especially for newer players who might be turned off by how odd the controls are by current standards.