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Black Screen with HUD Visible at mission c3:03-steelrain at end mission warp out

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yea everytime ive played at least 1 of gold wing dies but the rest of my wing is alive.

Ok, can you try ordering your wing to depart before you do? And if there are any hostiles left see if you can kill them or otherwise get out of their engagement range (You can do this by having them target a wingmate while you scurry off somewhere far far away, once your in a safe range have your wingmate depart).

PS: Use dropbox or something similar. Sendspace is just crawling with adverts and potential security risks.   :nono:

ok this mission doesnt let my wingmates depart

Yeah well, uh, I didn't think that it would cause problems.
'k them if you have to

This is probably a derp question, but do you have retail FS2 installed?

I don't think that's causing the crash, but I did notice a bunch (1000+lines !!) of errors complaining about the debris.ani's, which are retail stuffs.


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