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Okay, I think these have been tested enough to be stable enough for release.
I will make a few notes however, so PLEASE READ:

* This release is intended for mod developers interested in using these models. A patch to replace the old models in Dimensional Eclipse is in the works which will also have a bunch of other changes so it will take a while to finalize and test. I'm in no rush to release this patch - I might as well wait until I have a nightly build I can point to.
* This release is not a drop-in-replacement. Dropping the models and textures into the DE folder will not do anything, so it's fairly foolproof in that regard unless you try to get smart and edit the tbls.
* Table files are not included. The existing tables will not be bug-free without some editing. This is for the reason above, so I don't get any 'mission X is broken' reports. I'm going to assume that anyone interested in using this will be able to produce their own tables.
Included in this package are:

* Block One (Carrier) Tethys - Red Stripe
* Block Two (Artillery) Tethys - Blue Stripe
* Block Three (Artillery) Tethys - Silver Stripe (black ops) *
* Stratavarian Module (AWACS) - Blue Stripe
* texture-replacement based, use Block Two model.

Nameplates are not included.

* Models: Droid803, referenced off models by Steve-O and StratComm
* Turrets: Droid803, referenced off models Steve-O and Esarai
* Textures: AndrewofDoom (Block Three texture edited by Droid803)

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. (CC-BY-NC)
You are free to use this for other mods and games, as long as attribution is given and you're not trying to sell it.

Download (16.85MB):

* MediaFire

Those pictures are so dark, shine some light on them! Let them see my sexy paint job!

Guys... You are just so incredibly cool!


--- Quote from: AndrewofDoom on September 29, 2012, 03:14:54 pm ---Those pictures are so dark, shine some light on them! Let them see my sexy paint job!

--- End quote ---

Told you to take some pictures but you ignored me so this is what you get!!!

The shine map has some purple artifacts in the darkest areas. Otherwise they're awesome. Though I hoped you'd also release the Rhea with them.


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