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RELEASE: 次元のエクリプス - Dimensional Eclipse 1.1

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So while Droid803 is off in lala land pretending his is the little girl in some funny game called Tera, Andrew has to save the day by making a 1.1 version of Dimensional Eclipse. Though, on the other hand, Andrew was being lazy and instead trying to spread FREEEEEEDOOOOOM to all of Auraxis. But he's finally gotten it together and got it all packed up and ready to release. And so, here we have it, Dimensional Eclipse 1.1!

Changes include:

- Some missions are easier (M6, some of the "normal" chapter 2 arc, and Bloody Talons is now playable post r8670)
- Some currently existing ships redesigned (Many FedCom ships) or replaced.
- New ships in general.

This should be installed as a seperate mod from the original and is not designed to play in tandom with the old one.


FSO 3.6.18
MediaVPs 3.6.12
A Decent Computer


Ensure you have the mediavps 3.6.12 installed properly.
Unpack the directory to the root FreeSpace 2 folder.
Run the mod by opening the launcher and selecting 'DE11' folder under the mod tab.
Start FreeSpace 2 via the launcher and create a NEW PILOT.


Download from FSMods (Complete package)
Patch 1

Excellent! Downloading now. Cant wait to see the new Fedcom ships in action.

About time, I'll grab it as soon as I go back from work.

Hopefully this solves a number of issues the previous release had due to being developed on branched builds, and during an RC phase.
*fingers crossed* <- because I had no hand in the testing process.


--- Quote from: AndrewofDoom on March 04, 2013, 09:19:08 pm ---Requirements:
A Decent Computer

--- End quote ---
Welp, I'm downloading it anyway :P


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