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Crashing on Mission C3:06 The Defense


I think I replied to another topic on this, but it seems that it may (or may not) have gone unnoticed as there was no reply after that.  I have tried several times to get through C3:06, but once the Ascendant Fury jumps in, the game crashes.

[attachment deleted by ninja]

Errr, there's nothing on the log.
Looks like you just went to the main menu and quit...

Crap, wrong one. I'll track down the other one...

EDIT: Correct log now in OP.  My apologies, Droid.

Ah, alright thanks.
I got it.
I was a moron and omitted frames from a HeadEFF again. (silly me!)


I don't know if an official fix has been released for this yet (I didn't find one), but being a curious and technical sort, I found a DIY way to fix it.  If you're using version 1.0 of the mod, and already have the HUD patch listed under the patch section of the main Dimensional Eclipse release post ( installed, you should have a DE\data\HUD folder.  Inside that folder, locate the cpf2-a series of PNGs used for that HUD animation.  It would seem that two of the frames here simply have the wrong name.  If you rename cpf2-a_0005 and cpf2-a_0006 to cpf2-a_0002 and cpf2-a_0003, respectively, you will then be able to complete this mission.  Easy peasy!  Hope this helps.


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