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The Neverending Dissonance (C2:03 bug)

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Talon 1024:
I've been trying to play mission C2:03 (Dissonance), but I haven't been able to get past that mission; I can play it up until the Rim Union transport docks with Skyark Alpha and I destroy it, but it seems that some mission-critical event isn't being triggered.

I attached an FS2_Open.log to my post in case it helps

[attachment deleted by ninja]

Do you have this thing?

Talon 1024:
Yes, I do. I also attached an fs2_open.log to my post in case it helps.

Yeah, I'm also unable to finish this mission. After the desctruction of enemy transport docking to base, nothing happens. It's a shame, since this really looked like a great campaign. :/


try this


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