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This is funny and had me going for a bit. "It's using the Belial model? Well duh, that's what it is, right?" Belial was the old internal name for the Cyclops, its what the model's name was in the retail data files. I had just copied the Cyclops entry originally for the Duoclops so why would it have changed so suddenly? I open the 2014 MediaVPs, and there's a belial.pof. And its the Belial sentry gun! Whaaat.

I went to go check out the retail vps, and there's a belial.pof! And its the Cyclops bomb! The FSU team was renaming models to better fit the actual models (fenris.pof instead of thatterrancruiser0892.pof) so that sort of got sucked up in that mess of renaming.

So we could blame the FSU team for renaming the models. Or we could blame Volition for their sketchy naming in the first place. Or we could blame me for not testing every weapon enough with the new MediaVPs.

Or... we could blame you for using the Cyclops instead of the Helios!


(I kid, thanks for bringing that to my attention!)

So, I just beat the final boss, and enemies haven't spawned since I did. What the heck did I do?

You were too awesome for this world.

Actually I'm not sure what's up with that. Enemies should start spawning again during the credits roll (did the credits roll?)

I'll do some investigating next time I'm in that end of modding town.


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