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--- Quote ---Releasing with some slight changes so I can greedily take the award for "latest 2013 release"...
--- End quote ---
RELEASE - Just Another Day Xtreme Arcade on: January 01, 2014, 05:53:22

Not on my clock you havent!

3am in the morning?, I didn't want to sleep anyway!

Ahhh fu damn boss, stop teleporting and ****. Just die fasttttt!
Edit: btw, where's the high scores thread?

Bug reportssss!

- While flying the Rhea with promS + Maxim, when entering overdrive and then reverting to normal, the maxim disappeared and the promS ended up in the maxim bank (on the side).

More info if I manage to reproduce.

- Sometimes upgraded piranhas explode at launch, causing unavoidable instadeath.

- You can't go back to the hub without either winning the mission or resetting the campaign (which makes you loose your scores). It should be easy to work around that by setting the missions as SOC loops.

Not heaven's fireā„¢ only explode 'on launch' when something is close when you launch them. (Detonation radius of 90) or when you hit secondary again right as you launch them. I've never had them explode in my face in any other scenario ever. I'm not dismissing your claims of bugged weaponry as false, I'm just dismissing them as a user error. And thus making you look incompetent and stupid. You can thank me now or later.


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