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I know what "jack of all trades, master of none" means. And it would at least imply mediocrity in all areas instead of excellence in one.
However the Myrmidon isn't mediocre in all areas, it's mediocre in some areas and absolutely terrible in others. It isn't even aiming for  versatility, it's aiming to specialise and failing badly because almost all of its stats are terrible.

Knecht Ruprecht:
Hi there, hope this is the right topic for my question (seeing it was discussed here in principle already)!

Has anyone tried FS Blue with a 4.6.x MediaVPs and run into any trouble? Or is there a change between 4.5.1 and 4.6.7 that's known to cause trouble with mods like FS Blue?

(If anyone has any experience with regards to using 4.6.7 with WiH, that would also be appreciated, but isn't my main concern.)

There aren't any game breaking issues (that I've noticed) if you go down that route. The one issue is that in the current version BP's tables have not been updated to take into account the new mediavp version, but that's being fixed in the coming update:tm:


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