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Phantom Hoover:
Give the NTF the PromR#****ty, then. Loading the PromR is a really easy and obvious thing to try and it takes way too long to realise that it's worse than the Subach in every single way.

Ooh.  I am intrigued. :yes:

--- Quote from: General Battuta on November 03, 2015, 04:21:33 pm ---If you want an excuse to replay FreeSpace 2, you've got it.
--- End quote ---

Or an excuse to procrastinate. :nod:

I'm very busy with Freelancer right now (single-player mode) and so I wish to remain focused on it for the time being. When I'm done though, I will definitely be playing this! I have played the original FreeSpace 2 single-player campaign so many times that I am sure to notice all of the differences - at least for the way I play it and for the weapons I prefer. I'm especially looking forward to the unlocked dialog.

Ya know, over the years while playing I've had many, MANY thoughts of "why didn't they just....", but for the life of me I can't recall a single one of them now.  Will post if any come back to me.

Oh, one just struck me.  Capital ships being invulnerable to fighter weapons.  Uhg.  I get the idea, and a reduction factor would certainly be appropriate, but I think it would be better to still have the ability to kill things given enough time with primaries.  For example the Moloch in the nebula mission where you have to protect the Aquitaine as it is repaired (I really suck at remembering mission names).

Do something about the Maxim and Trebuchet? Those weapons always felt just a little too effective against capital ships. In return, make the new GTA bombers actually more agile to represent their fluff.

Maybe it's asking too much, but I would like to see the FS2 era ships actually feel superior to the FS1 era ships. It always bothered me that the new GTVA gear wasn't actually that much better (arguably worst in some cases) than the old buckets of junk the NTF are flying, despite all the dialogue claiming otherwise. Obviously this would make the gameplay a lot easier, so I'm not crossing fingers. At the very least, make the Serapis better because that thing is held together by duct tape.


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