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From now I am going to gather all my present and future translations in this topic. You'll find here the list of mods/campaigns translated and links to download them.
You can also find the source of my completed and in-progress translations on github:

Feel free to report any bug or to make any suggestion about the translations on this topic.

Completed translations

Mod/Campaign     Translation link    The Battle of NeptuneKnossosBlue Planet CompleteKnossosDerelictKnossosThe Destiny of PeaceKnossosDiasporaKnossosFall of Epsilon PegasiKnossosFreeSpace Port MediaVPsKnossosSilent Threat: RebornKnossosSolarisKnossosSyncKnossosThe Titan RebellionKnossosWalls ClosingKnossosWarzoneKnossos

Awesome work!

French translation for The Titan Rebellion has just been released and added to the list  :)

Fall of Epsilon Pegasi has been translated and is now available on Knossos.

Diaspora is now fully translated in French (from v1.1.4). This time the translation is directly integrated in the original mod.


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