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On my swiss keyboard to get a \ I need to press Alt+> and this does not seem to work in Diaspora.

As I need to press \ to launch my fighter the result is: I can never launch...

very sad after having succeeded in compiling it on Linux :(

any suggestions?

 :confused: :confused: :confused:


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Go to key bindings, and set any key you wish for full throttle. That key will launch you out of the tube as well.
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Related question: Is there, like, a config file or something where I could switch "launch" to be something other than "full throttle"? I've got "afterburner" bound to a button on my throttle, for instance, and that feels a lot more natural than reaching over to the keyboard.


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You can't change it from full throttle (without hacking the mission at least). You can change the key we used for full throttle though. 
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Have you tried to change your keyboard layout?


Code: [Select]
setxkbmap us & ./fs2_open_diaspora && setxkbmap de nodeadkeys
If it works you could use a little script eg:

Code: [Select]
cd `dirname $0`
setxkbmap us & ./fs2_open_diaspora "[email protected]" && setxkbmap de nodeadkeys

PS: you can view your current layout with setxkbmap -query

good luck ;)


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If you have a non-qwerty layout, you'll have to get used to the fact FS only reads qwerty.

Best way to know what corresponds to what is to manually change your keybinds (in the F2 settings menu, bottom left), and see what FS recognize when you press a key.
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