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Multiple voice-overs are being attributed to "Turbo" in the text dialog.  Check out the Mission 1 YouTube video:

0:43 - Affirmative Theseus, breaking to engage.
1:04 - We jumped without Buzzkill and Sawbones...
1:44 - The baseships are firing nuclear missiles.
1:19 & 2:15 - I just had to remind you who's the best pilot in the fleet! (generic praise comment - sounds like a different person)
3:04 - Baseships are firing a second volley...
4:42 - More nukes incoming. Intercept them. (female voice)
5:05 - Damn it, I can't get a lock.
5:56 - Incoming nuclear warheads. (female voice)


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The youtube video was done before the final dialog pass months ago actually. This is not an issue in the final mission files. (in fact just checked to make sure!)
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