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Does ... does friendly AI do anything? Im playing the prologue and am at the part with the first pirate ambush. 3 tries later I figured out I needed to kill the demons first. Fine. Then I was at 1% with no afterburner fuel (I had no idea you could afterburner glide.) and 16 kills. I'm not sure Assassin, Ninja and Kettle did much of anything. Furthermore, I realized Ninja was dueling a Demon roughly an hour of realtime flight away. I watched for about 30 minutes as neither ship took any damage before just quitting the mission.

I installed the game via Knossos. Did I mess something up? I'm the only one doing anything.


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I haven't played the game in years so I am not certain but I think they should do something. Maybe not make their own kills but at least be a distraction.

As for Knossus. I can't say, I have the standalone version. Do you combine the it with the newest VP files? From what I heard somewhere else there are missions that seam a bit broken. Not completly but with strange effects.
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