Author Topic: 3.1.3 Update Error Message  (Read 1215 times)

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3.1.3 Update Error Message
Hello- I received an error message that won't let me start BP from Knossos:

"Blue Planet Complete" (3.1.3 requires "NTF Ship Textures" which is missing!

I ran an integrity check and it passed.  I tried to upload a log, but it said the last one that was generated was 628 days ago and I don't think that's the data anyone would want to see.

Mods feel free to move this thread if it's in the wrong place.


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Re: 3.1.3 Update Error Message
Cheers for posting, someone will have a look and get back to you as soon as possible bud.

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Re: 3.1.3 Update Error Message
That is unfortunately a common knossos issue. Try asking in this thread or on the HLP Discord's #Knossos channel for help.


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Re: 3.1.3 Update Error Message
The simple solution is to reinstall BP - there's an issue in knossos where dependencies added in updates aren't picked up correctly.
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