Author Topic: After Knossos update, Battle for Neptune...  (Read 2161 times)

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After Knossos update, Battle for Neptune...
Battle for Neptune does not work.  I was checking it out and it loaded fine.  I then exited it to jump into BP to check a tech room description.  I noticed an "update available" button, which I clicked.

When I jumped back to Battle for Neptune, now it says "NO EXECUTABLE WAS FOUND FOR THIS MOD."

Help!  I just finished BP and was about to start a session with Battle for Neptune!!!

Re: After Knossos update, Battle for Neptune...
I got it to work by manually moving a folder, but still won't work on Knossos.

A very intense mission!


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Re: After Knossos update, Battle for Neptune...
Dekker here (voice of alpha one and your briefing in that mission)

Glad you got it working bud.
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