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Here's Admiral Nelson's half finished update. Play it and report bugs.

--- Quote from: Admiral Nelson on March 07, 2007, 11:11:02 am ---Alright, here is my WIP Lightning Marshal folder:


For the LM1 and LM2 missions I added Lightspeed backgrounds and nameplates.  There are bugs in these missions that need to be fixed before they are playable.  You will also note the LM prequel campaign "Sirius" in the folder; I have not yet touched this campaign as it too has bugs.  We'd need to go thru all of the LM1 and 2 missions and crush any bugs along the way.
--- End quote ---

BTW does this folder include the voice acting? Given the size I'm assuming it does.

Admiral Nelson:
No, Lm1 and 2 aren't voice acted.  It does have its own music, which is where the size comes from.

The first mission of Lm1 is oddly designed.  Reading the events it is clear that the enemy destroyer is meant to spend the entire mission in system.  However, its initial orders are to fly to the warp point and jump.  Once it leaves, the mission continues forever as the mission ending presumes that the ship is still in system.

If you need any of the originals, I might just be able to find the voice acting files I did for later LM chapters.

Was that campaign ever finished? If no, is there a possibility to finish it?

I don't think the project should be about finishing campaigns. Finishing off a campaign can be a huge task.

Now once we've gotten all the old campaigns working it might be worth it. :)


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