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Hi, how about preserving this seemingly very rare campaign: operation templar (single player)?
It seems this campaign went out only in the game of the year edition of freespace 2, But I think we all deserve to eradicate once and for all the hammer of light.

Should anyone have this campaign, could he/she send it to me, and perhaps put it on hades combine?

thanks for your advice.


Dark Hunter:
Here ya go.

Just extract and place in data/missions.  :yes:

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It's in the original game as a multiplayer campaign. You can play it by yourself by starting a LAN game off a multiplayer pilot. You will get respawns this way, which is how it was designed to played.

Thanks, but it's curious: the file doesn't register as a .rar on my comp: what is this file supposed to be? there is no extention...

Thanks for the help anyway.


Here is a copy converted to single player.

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