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Few questions about bug/play testing

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Hi, I'm relatively new here and I've been told that there's a need for volunteers for campaign playtesting.

I'm just wondering how this works in practice, as I've not done this before. I'm trying to get interested in FREDding but to be honest I'm just a rookie in that field, so as for correcting bugs I'm not your man (yet...). Although playtesting I might be able to manage.

Could someone please explain what's involved? Would I need any special software for bug reporting if I came across any? Or is it simply a case of copying errors and pasting into Notepad, then presenting them on the relevant thread?

I realise these may be stupid questions so apologies if they are.


Admiral Nelson:
Basically it is just a process of playing through the missions to determine if there are any gameplay issues or concerns.  No special tool or such is needed -- it is really just feedback that is wanted.  have a look through the Warzone thread and see the sorts of comments being discussed, and you will have a good idea of what is wanted.

Since this is the FreeSpace Campaign Restoration Project, I think you should also know the old versions of the campaigns we are working on and give us a feedback.

"Yes, you kept the atmosphere."

"The new Mx of <insert name of the campaign> isn't as difficult as the old version. May I know why?"

Stuff like that(though it's not that important) :)

Right. I'm replaying the old version of Warzone currently so perhaps I can be of help. :)

Ok, good to know :)

I think there should be a pinnied thread here. We don't have a badge, but we should know how many members are involved and contact them when needed. There's, in fact, a complete lack of communication.


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