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This isn't about space so much as clutter, I believe. I think that GW has it's own rules.


--- Quote from: colecampbell666 on May 12, 2008, 08:01:25 pm ---Most campaigns are only short. BP was only like 12 missions, IIRC. (I could be wrong)

--- End quote ---

BP had 23 (00 through 22)

A 20 mission maximum is a little harsh, but if it comes from experience, then...well, I can't argue.

Q: Will you allow exceptions to the 20 mission rule if a campaign shows much promise and the creator(s) seem like they will finish it in a timely manner?

I think they'd be more likely to accept a 20+ mission campaign if half of it is already done.

BTW not that I am going to anytime in the near future, but how do you apply for project hosting?


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