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The site says that new ships are going to be included, and has links to pictures that no longer work. Canwe have some new pictures, or maybe even the models, maps, etc, if they're no longer going to be used?

We're keeping all models and we may even use additional ones in the future so no, they won't be released. I can ensure you, however, that the models are pretty poor in terms of mesh complexity and need to be HTLed or, at least, to be brought to acceptable standards.

Sorry for the links, but I haven't touched the official(and old) NTV site at all. Don't take it as a reference because the new plans are pretty different. For instance, this subforum's description says that under Admiral Bosch the GTVA goes under - that's now what the new plans will be about as they'd focus instead on more plausible scenarios.

can we still have pictures to have an idea of what they look like?

And i understand that you hadn't been on the site, the fact that there was no 'NTV reborn!'-type new message gave it away....

And on the site, is there someway you could keep the neet-o top interface that reacts to your mouse? i just find that cool. :p

The campaign takes precedence over the site, IMO it'd be pathetic to spend time working on the site while leaving the campaign uncompleted.

are you adding more stuff?

Civilian ships converted for NTF use?

New Reconstruction weapons?


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