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Lets go the "old mans war" route and get rid of blood and replace it with something else.  Something that carries more oxygen and is not able able to get infected.

While we're making a list, can we tack on the cessation of the formerly-useful adaptation of storing too many calories as fat, so as to eliminate moobs and the beer gut once and for all?  Or how about strengthening teeth enamel, so as to bankrupt the sadist enterprise that is dentistry? :p

General Battuta:
We are pretty poorly adapted to our current diet, especially on the cognitive level. Our food-reward circuits could use some intelligent tweaking, but you have to be careful of tradeoffs.

We do have drugs right now that appear to extend the lifespan of mammals while simultaneously keeping them pretty thin.

High Max:

General Battuta:
Yeah, but those are a bit farther out on the horizon, and kind of fall into 'let's just make it better!' category. I'm not sure how to get started on those, though I imagine other organisms could provide some insights.


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