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A dev type thing will be coming from me later on this thread. Check back.

During a discussion of an asset trade with another modding team for the exchange of the SB Kahlan for another bomber model, Nighteyes voiced an opinion that we should spread the wealth. We’ve always had an open policy with models for the most part, so here we are today.

I present to you, FS Community, the HTL Kahlan model.

EDIT: Model by Moonred


Download here

Also, for FSU, we also have a nice little tidbit for you guys. As some may or may not know, the POF model for the PVI Karnak model is devoid of paths. Fighter bay & dock paths to be precise, and as the Karnak makes an appearance in the mod, Good ‘ol Blowfish fixed the paths with some assistance from FSF (correct me if I’m wrong)
Downlad here

Ooooh WOW that is one sexy Shivan Bomber!

Commander Zane:
Awsm! Another example of ugly made good.

The Inferno Team thanks you for this mesh.  We hope you enjoyed our contribution as much as we're enjoying yours.

Also, do you have an HTL Vasudan cruiser?  We might be willing to trade for that as well. :nod:


Never before have missile banks looked so pretty. Excellent work. :yes:


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